Great CTO Software Opportunity Near Boston

Attention Engineers and Scientists:

#1) My client offers a tremendous growth opportunity for a highly
skilled, experienced Ruby on Rails engineer to be rapidly groomed and
promoted to a CTO role. They are a highly successful VC-funded startup
in the Worcester, Massachusetts area which has achieved world-dominance
in their industry and has successfully doubled market-share every year
for the past three years.

They have retained me to recruit an aspiring CTO to build their
engineering team, and to lead the technology development of their small
company poised for “rocket-ride” growth, accessible to candidates in the
Boston, MA /Metrowest area as well as Providence, RI.

What You’ll Be Doing:

• Leading the technical development of web applications
serving up map-based, data heavy information products

• Solving challenging problems working with massive datasets
that include crime statistics, schools, lifestyles, neighborhoods and

• Working in an Agile, TDD environment writing code you can
be proud of

• Keeping existing products up-to-date with the latest
technologies, architectures, and standards

• Helping build a nimble engineering team with potential
path to CTO

• Collaborating with PhD Geographers and Statisticians to
create new, disruptive products

What’s In it For You?

• Major opportunity to build your own team with potential
path to CTO position

• Casual fun working environment, solving some of the most
exhilarating Big Data problems in the industry, alongside a team that’s
as passionate as you are about this stuff!

• Competitive salary, stock options for you to participate
in company success, and great benefits (401(k), 100% medical coverage,
11 paid holidays)

• Great work/life balance, with 40-45 hour work weeks the

• Long-term stability with a venture backed start up that is
already profitable and growing

• Investors include the Founders of MapQuest and CoreLogic

Desired Skills & Experience:

• A BS in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or
similar; MS preferred

• 5+ years designing and implementing complex, data-heavy
e-commerce systems

• Self-directed time management, documentation and
communication skills

• To be passionate about your craft

• Extensive RoR app dev experience with merchant processing

• An ideal candidate would also possess:

o Familiarity with GIS-related software, incl. spatial
databases such as PostGIS and the Google Maps Javascript APIs

o Experience with all aspects/tiers of web and mobile web
app development

o Strong Unix skills including API/data mining experience

o Scaling and performance tuning of high-traffic, data-heavy

Company Description

Small, high-end geospatial analysis Company born of university research,
specializing in location-based decision-making tools:analytics,
information and data.They license geospatial risk analytics and SaaS
products for a host of business to business applications, and run the
largest neighborhood search engine in the world, and “the most trusted
source for choosing a neighborhood,” according to Money® Magazine.

#2) Senior Ruby Developer
Location: San Francisco, CA, United States

My client takes the pain out of subscription billing and gives
developers the tools they need to outsource their recurring billing.
This is a VC funded startup which recently secured $7 million in
funding. There, you will have a unique opportunity to work on a variety
of big, meaningful, technical challenges as their service continues to

They use a service oriented architecture with many independent services
and love unit tests. They iterate quickly, unit test, and deploy often.
Their design makes it easy for you to own and grow your part of the
service. As a senior developer, you’ll have ownership of your projects
and collaborate with some very smart engineers.

About you
•You love to solve complex problems with the right tools.
•You’re experienced with building web applications and iterating on new
•You write tests with your code.
•You’re familiar with relational databases (MySQL or Postgres) and
•You have at least 3-5 years of solid professional experience with Ruby
on Rails

#3) Head of Front-End Web D.

Location: San Francisco, CA, United States

I am looking for an extremely talented front-end developer to help
realize the vision for one of the most critical aspects of my new
client’s web-based application. Their entire service is delivered
through web interactions. This critical role requires top-level command
for web interaction design and build techniques. (HTML5, CSS3,
Javascript, etc.)

You are a design-minded thinker and a builder. You ideally have strong
opinions that have been well formed through experience working with
various technologies. You surely have opinions about how to make
appropriate tradeoffs during the build process depending on the ultimate
objective for the project. You’re also likely a ravenous web
user/consumer, with an insatiable curiosity for how various technologies
are being used. We’d like to hear your thoughts.

Specific skills

•Take it from the top: You have a discerning eye for good user-centered
design and well formed opinions about the best way to achieve desired
•HTML, CSS, JS and other required skills. You’ve got this down.
•You likely prototype with HTML/CSS, and can generally build with
minimal use of images because you’ve mastered CSS3 and various
abstractions of it.
•You’ve built interfaces which rely on JSON data to be presented nicely.
•You a care about getting things right, but are also capable of making
appropriate tradeoffs when necessary.
•Rapid prototyping – to post and paste a wall full of flows and
directions to get it right.
•Experience organizing and maintaining front-end resources on large
•You’re a natural communicator.

About the role

My client’s entire service is delivered through web interactions. Their
business depends on their ability to make interactions graceful and
intuitive. This critical role requires a top-level command for web
interaction design and build techniques. This person will own the
responsibility of building new interfaces as well as rationalizing
existing flows in an effort to continually improve the overall usability
and success of our service.

This person will work closely with our Engineering team as well as our
Design and Product teams to deliver cohesive user interactions that are
a joy to use for our customers.

They practice a Scrum methodology. They focus intensely, and execute
well on what they set out to achieve. You’ll be part of making that

#4) Graphic Designer

Location San Francisco

They are looking for a graphic designer to join our team who will own
the development of their visual communications. From layout, to asset
creation, through delivery by working with their front-end team.

This role will span from webpages to application interface design. User
Experience is critical for our business, and the graphic designer will
play a key role in ensuring that our visual communications are clean,
simple, intuitive and pixel perfect.

This person will ensure that we maintain a consistency in our design
aesthetic from the moment that a customer comes to our website, through
signup and on boarding, and beyond into newsletter communications and

About you
•You’re passionate about designing achingly beautiful websites.
•You think in terms of design systems.
•You get giddy when thinking about designing a full icon set.
•You have an opinion about flat vs skeuomorphic interfaces.
•You’re a type nerd.
•You get excited about helping shape the direction of an app used by
thousands of people.
•You can use design to drive conversions.
•You have an eye like a hawk for detail.
•You feel physical pain when elements are aligned to a grid.
•You can cogently communicate about your work to non-designers

#5) Javascript Developer

Location: San Francisco

My client is investing heavily in Javascript to run in the browser and
on the backend. They aree looking for developers to help us extend their
platform, improve their UI, and build innovative Javascript libraries.

Specific Skills
You know JavaScript inside and out.
You don’t have to use jQuery for everything in the browser.
You want to use Node.js.
They use Ruby (on Rails & Sinatra) and Node.js on the backend. You
should be able to understand the code, but don’t have to be an expert.

IF interested, please submit resume with cover letter.

Note: Please feel free to share this information.

Nicholas M.
GM/President, Technology
Wingate Dunross Associates, Inc.
ph (818)597-3200 ext. 211
[email protected]