GRCon student travel

Hey everyone,

The deadline for submitting an application for student travel support
came and went last Friday with far fewer applicants than we imagined,
especially considering how many students I’ve heard from about
attending the conference. I can only imagine that there was some
confusion over who was eligible to apply. So we’re going to extend the
deadline to Monday, Aug 27, and I’ll try to clear a few things up.

All of the information you need is on the website:

All students are eligible. You do not have to be presenting or giving
a demo to apply. We only politely ask that when you come, you
participate by engaging the community and asking questions.

US-based undergraduate and graduate students alike may apply for this
funding. (this means that you have to be coming from a US-based
institution but not that you are a US citizen.)

The application instructions talk about ‘no more than 10 pages’ and we
mean that. We also don’t mean that you need to submit 10 pages. Just
make sure to give us a clear idea how you’re using GNU Radio in your

Remember, this only covers airfare, but you also don’t have to worry
about the registration fee (as long as you set this up with me
beforehand), and the Sheraton’s rates for the conference (if you sign
up by August 30) is $95/night. (see
GRC2012 - Location — Rondeau Research for details).

I hope this clears a few things up and encourages some of you to apply.