[GRC] Working Group


most of you have probably heard, during the last GRCon a Working Group
(GRWG) on GRC was formed as spin-off from the User Experience GRWG. The
goal was and is to add new cool features to our favorite flow graph
generator tool and, in a boarder sense, to discuss how we want a future
Development Environment [0] for GNU Radio to look and interact with
users and developers.

A lot of good suggestions and features were collected during the
conference, in IRC and on the list. I have organized/commented them a
bit and put them on the wiki [1]. However, the list is by far not
complete and I’d like to continue the discussion here on the list
(tagged [GRC]) as well as in a hangout I’ll setup soon. I want to invite
especially those who are willing join this GRWG and help to implement

I have been playing around with a QT-port of GRC. Replacing GTK has some
nice benefits, one which is the reduction of the number of GUI
frameworks GR depends on. The project is still in an early stage and I
welcome any help I can get to move it forward. In my opinion, new
features that require substantial work/re-write to implement, should be
developed for the QT version. Others (“low hanging fruits”), where the
duplication effort is not too much, should be put in the GTK version

OK, that’s it for now, I’ll be posting a time and date for a hangout
soon. Feel free to comment and discuss.


[0] phasor.dev
[1] http://gnuradio.org/redmine/projects/gnuradio/wiki/GRCroadmap

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