GRC: UHD USRP Source Block (complex - short)

Hi everybody,
Very simple issue…
I’m using GRC in order to save signal from N210 + WBX.
No problems when I set the Output Type as “Complex” in the UHD:USRP
block. The signal is properly saved as Complex float32.
…I’m a bit confused when I select “Short” as Output Type of the Source.
I expect the signal as complex int16 but it seems to me that GRC doesn’t
support this scenario…

Any suggestions ?


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On 11/03/2011 03:57 AM, luca cucchi wrote:

Any suggestions ?


I have only recently added support in grc for all floating point and
integer types (real and complex). The USRP blocks have not been updated
to reflect this, meaning the output is still a vector of short (size 2).

However, in recent versions of grc, you can connect any inputs to any
outputs so long as their IO size matches. So, the type does not matter
in this case as much as the IO size does. So none of this should be an

When I get around to merging my uhd_next branch, the types will be
changed to sc16, which is the volk naming convention for signed complex
16bit integers.


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