GRC - python code generation quirk for Function Probe with empty BlockID


I’ve been pottering around in GRC trying to get a pair of function
probe’s to update the QT fosphor GUI sink’s centre frequency by calling

self.set_freq(float(subprocess.check_output([’/usr/bin/rigctl’, ‘-m’,
‘2’, ‘f’]).strip()))

at 5Hz and


at 20Hz.

This seems to work, except for the fact that the GRC python generator
generates the following lines of code instead of that I’ve shown above:

val = self…set_freq(float(subprocess.check_output([’/usr/bin/rigctl’,
‘-m’, ‘2’, ‘f’]).strip()))


val = self…set_samp_rate(self.samp_rate)

Note the pair of dots in those lines. This occurs because the Block ID
in the function probe is empty, in that I want the block ID to refer to
the top block, i.e. self. I can’t put “self” as the Block ID, as the
generated code is “self.self” which Python moans about. leaving the
BlockID empty creates the pair of dots.

I wonder if GRC could/should be modified to suppress the extra generated
dot if the Block ID is empty? It would certainly help me to avoid
editing generated code :slight_smile:


Darren, G0HWW