GRC problems, saving data to files

Dear all,

I generated random data with random source block and saved it to rhe
file data_1k(File sink). After that I modulated the random data (ofdmmod
block, fft size 256, occupied tones 100, cyclic prefix 128) and then
demodulated them (ofdmdem block). Then I saved data to the file
data_dem_1k (File sink block). But the first file data_1k has 4 kB, and
the second file data_dem_1k 3,1 kB. I compared the files with the hex
editor and realised the files are the same. Only the second files
doesn’t have the last 10 percent of data at the end of file.
Is it a bug or I’m doing something wrong?
Thank you very much for the answers!


For ur file-sink, what was the setting of “unbuffered” flag?
If unbuffered=off, file-sink will first buffer specified no. of items
before writing them to file, so there is a chance that when FG is
some items at the end gets lost.
if unbuffered=on, file-sink will write items in file immediately but
is slightly inefficient (takes more CPU cycles)