GRC problem: window turns grey after executed

Hi all:

I am using GRC 3.3 on ubuntu 10.10. After I “generate” and “execute” the
flow diagram, the graphical sink window will show up (e.g. FFT skin or
sink). However, everything in this window will turn grey after a few
and I am not able to click any button in the window. When I tried to
it , it says “The window … is not responding”.

Does anyone have the same problem? Please help!!

Thanks a lot!


Hi Rachel, this looks like a system overload. The source generates too
much data so that the cpu will not leave any cycles for the rest of the

In the category “misc” there’s a block called “throttle”. Use it before
the FFT block. It will reduce the number of samples that will go into
the FFT. So the FFT function has less work.

I also recently got involved with gnuradio the first time. Have a look

This is a fantastic tutorial that should help you around these hurdles.


Am Dienstag, den 02.11.2010, 13:05 -0400 schrieb Rachel Li:

Problem solved. Thanks a lot, Markus!!

Also, thanks for sharing this tutorial. I happened to find it yesterday
and found It extremely helpful!


turn off desktop effects and see if that makes a difference -josh

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