GRC: File/Path browser in QT or WX gui?

I am looking for a standard file browser widget for a QT or Wx based
GUI. You browse the filesystem and the moment you click “o.k.” the
choosen path is put into a variable that can be used within your
flowgraph. Is this possible ? Currently the only option I see is to set
the filename/path within the flowgraph (e.g. WAV sinks/sources).

I think that would be possible; however, before you start coding it
yourself, please consider the use case:
In most cases, things like “I want to read that file” are considered
before starting a flow graph.


I was thinking about people who just load a flowgraph and start it. In
this case it would be very convenient to have all parameters that need
adjusting (including filepath) in the GUI.
greetings, Mark

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You could have a text box with a file open dialog, and the callback
would lock/stop the flowgraph, give the returned file path string to a
file_source block, and then unlock/start the flowgraph.

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