GRC Feature Request

Hi all,

In the gui config window that pops up when you double click a block in
in the documentation tab, two buttons that you can click that open up
either the source file or the block.h source file. Takes
out of which source file you should look at or where to even look for

I realize there are some logistics that would need to be handled, like
python blocks or hier_blocks, but you get the idea.


Hi Richard,

we have an infinite list of GRC feature requests, and this sounds like
it’s already on there. What we’re lacking is people working on the GUI
side of things – maybe this is something you want to contribute?

Also, this isn’t as easy at it sounds, as there’s no 1:1 relationship
between GRC blocks and source files. Also, people might not even have
the sources on their computer.

There’s this:

…but I know it’s not up to date. Sebastian is in charge of GRC
development, and I’m not sure how he tracks efforts.


Martin and all developers,

I realize you’re overworked. My intent is not to come across demanding
anything. I just make requests as I find myself wanting/needing a
in my everyday use of the tool. There is no expectation that the feature
will be implemented in any timely manner. This is open source after all.

I hope to eventually have the skills needed to implement things like
to contribute back to the community. I’m not there yet at this time.

I appreciate all the hardwork GNU Radio developers put in and commend
It is a great tool and I enjoy using it and learning with it.


On Fri, May 1, 2015 at 10:17 AM, Martin B. [email protected]