GRC application tool is not opening

Hey Marcus,
You told me to remove previous installation and then install it from the
source, but after installation my GRC application tool was not opening.
Even i tried pybombs for installing Gnuradio but again same problem.
Again after removing all the installation, i am able to find GRC
application tool but when i click on it, it does not launch.
Here attached is previous link,[email protected]/msg52693.html

My project is Security for cognitive radio, and now I have only 1 month
complete this. For this project i had done rigorous research, i have my
plan of action ready, but the thing is unexpected errors in gnuradio.
Any help will be appreciated,
Thanks in advance,

Hi Abhishek,

can you start “gnuradio-companion” from a terminal? The things that will
be printed there will most likely help you determine the underlying
If you just want something that works?, try the GNU Radio Live DVD
image[1], which you can download, burn onto a DVD, boot from it, and
will contain everything readily set up.

Best regards,