GRC and the Notebook feature - keep getting notebook id error

Hi All,

so far I’ve found very little reference to this new and potentially very
useful feature. I’m trying to use the notebook feature of GRC 3.2.3svn
allow stacking of multiple WX GUI sink elements (scopes, FFT, etc) on
different tabs of a Notebook. I have dragged a Notebook element into my
block diagram and given it the ID “my_notebook0”. I have also tried to
info into the Notebook field for my two GUI sinks, using the format
(my_notebook0, 0) to indicate that it should be placed in “my_notebook0”
tab 0. However the GRC dialogue box for the GUI Sink (Properties: FFT
just highlights the field name “Notebook” in red and keeps telling me
there is an “Error: Notebook id “(my_notebook0” is not an existing
notebook id”

Can someone who has this working let me know what I’m missing?

Thanks very much.


dont use the parenthesis

in the fftsink block, enter my_notebook0, 0


Ah huh! That is great, thanks very much!


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