GRBR paper is published. Open to public


I am happy to announce that one paper based on
GNU Radio is published online in the journal
“Earth, Planets and Space (EPS)” E-letter section.
This is to show the newly developed digital beacon
receiver “GNU Radio Beacon Receiver (GRBR)” and
its successful measure of the total electron
content (TEC) of the ionosphere. The paper is
open to anybody in the internet.

Yamamoto, M.,
Digital beacon receiver for ionospheric TEC
measurement developed with GNU Radio,
Earth Planets Space, Vol. 60, pp. e21-e24, 2008.

EPS E-letter section, 2008 contents are shown here.

Detailed information of the digital receiver is
also shown at the following URL.


Mamoru Y.
Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere (RISH)
Kyoto University
[email protected]