Graph 1.2.0 Released

graph version 1.2.0 has been released!

Graph is a type of hash that outputs in graphviz’s dot format. It
comes with a command-line interface that is easily pluggable.

It ships with plugins to graph dependencies and status of installed
rubygems, mac ports, and freebsd ports, coloring leaf nodes blue,
outdated nodes red, and outdated leaf nodes purple (red+blue).


1.2.0 / 2010-03-30

  • 10 minor enhancements:

    • Added rake_analyzer.rb to help visualize rake dependencies. YAY!
    • Added #boxes to convert all nodes to boxes.
    • Added #global_attrib to set attribs on all nodes.
    • Added #nodes to return all nodes (even if not part of from-edge).
    • Added #normalize to remove duplicate edges.
    • Added #orient to set graph orientation.
    • Added #rotate as LR alias to #orient.
    • Added full rdoc for Graph.
    • Switched to minitest.
    • Updated Hoe setup.
  • 2 bug fixes:

    • Fixed inherited #clear to ensure ivars cleared as well.
    • Fixed scanner to work with new macports deps output