There are a few implementations of python for android, at least one of
which appears to be a proper implementation,
Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting. . I was looking at
porting OP25 to GRAnd but too much of it is written in python and who
wants to write in Java anyways.

Thanks to Tom’s efforts in producing an android-specific port of the
core GR pieces, I’ve had some luck getting the entire stack bootstrapped
in Android 5 (see attached screen print – the “warning” is just a debug
printf, ignore it ;-).
Here is just a bare bones overview of the synopsis of an outline of
what’s necessary. There’s no new code, only build scripts for now plus
a few patches all scattered over 4-5 machines+VMs, to get stuff to

  1. rebuild the NDK toolchain compiler collection, to enable fortran
    (arm-linux-androideabi/gcc4.8; not necessary to rebuild anything else)
  2. using (1), build arm versions of libblas and liblapack3) using (1)
    and (2), plus the patched python-for-android libs (see link at top)
    build android numpy (with ATLAS=None)
  3. Build the android branch of gnuradio (and prereqs) with
    set appropriately.

After step (4) in attempting “make install” there is currently a crash
(which can apparently be worked-around by simply prepopulating
/opt/grandroid/include/gnuradio). Would that crash be difficult to fix?

Ultimately of course there needs to be more detailed documentation for
all this, currently the focus is to get some app(s) together for OP25
(which just compiled cleanly for linux-arm for the first time today).
Longer term there is the entire issue of tuning, use of floating point
hardware, and all…

Best Regards