Gr-trellis visual representation of FSM as a trellis


this is really cool!

Can you assign different colors
(or linestyles) to different input symbols?



In the original method line styles are handeled with the following line.

trellis_fname << " stroke-dasharray = “3,” << branch_num << “” ";

“branch_num” is the equiv to the input symbol number. So for two
input symbols the 0th symbol will be a solid line and symbol 1 would
be a 3,1 dashed line. I was thinking of overloading the method so it
could be called with a vector of strings (one for each input symbol)
where each string describes SVG parameters for linestyles. That way
you could assign colors or any SVG line style you desired.

After I read the style guide, I will clean up the code and resubmit
with suggested changes.