Gr-osmosdr in MacPorts

I just checked in the gr-osmosdr port into MacPorts for Mac OS X users
to use, in r103082 < Changeset 103082 – MacPorts >. I
tried to enforce the same variant in both this new port and whatever is
installed with the gnuradio port; not sure if I succeeded. Meaning: If
you select “gr-osmosdr +python27”, then “gnuradio +python27” must be
installed same for +uhd and +swig. I had thought getting this port
working might be a bit complicated, but it turned out to not take very
much time.


  • Documentation does not seem to install correctly even if the +docs
    variant is selected. Or, maybe it is and I just don’t know what I’m
    looking for?

  • Some of the cmake/Modules are a bit out of date with respect to what
    is current in the GNU Radio master or next. Nothing critical, but I did
    have to patch GrPython.cmake to be able to set GR_PYTHON_DIR via the
    cmake command.

I appreciate any feedback y’all might have. Enjoy! - MLD