Gr-osmosdr in MacPorts

I just pushed an update to gr-osmosdr in MacPorts < > which should allow the use
of any gnuradio port when compiling gr-osmosdr – I’ve tried both
gnuradio and gnuradio-devel with success. I haven’t tried gnuradio-next
yet. Anyone wanting this change should (must?) do “sudo port
selfupdate” to get the change in your local MacPorts install. Let me
know if it works for you, or, especially, please let me know if it does
not work for you. - MLD


the update seems to work, I have built (using macports) the whole of
gnuradio and the osmosdr module. All seems to work with the osmo and
sources and sink appearing in companion and being able to hook them

I am having a problem getting a graph to execute however, (probably a
but I can’t see the error).

Error reads:

Executing: “/Users/alanwoodward/Desktop/Radio Graphs/”

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/Users/alanwoodward/Desktop/Radio Graphs/”, line 16,

import osmosdr
line 45, in
from osmosdr_swig import *
ImportError: No module named osmosdr_swig

$ echo $PATH


I appreciate any help, Alan

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