Gr-osmosdr + airspy random issue

I use a airspy receiver with gr-osmosdr + gnuradio-companion.

Randomly, when I stop gnuradio execution, the following execution
freezes at startup (my QT GUI instruments are not displayed).

And on the next start I have the following error message:

FATAL: Failed to open AirSpy device (-5) AIRSPY_ERROR_NOT_FOUND

Everything goes back to operational state if I unplug/plug the airspy.

Looks like an improper airspy shutdown sequence when exiting gnuradio. I
do not experience this kind of problem with other software using airspy.

I have tried to add missing “airspy_exit()” at the end of
“~airspy_source_c”, but that does not solve the problem.

Any clue to help me investigate this issue ?

Some progress here: “~airspy_source_c” destructor seems to being called
when gnuradio is stopped.
I have to learn how gnuradio implements exit to call proper airspy
shutdown sequence.

GRC uses SIGKILL to terminate the flow graph, so no destructor is
called, and no sighandler can be binded.

Does anybody know how to modify this behavior of GRC ?