Gr_modtool update


couple of updates to gr_modtool. Mostly bugfixes, but there’s also a new
experimental feature that parses blocks, tries to guess what they’re
doing and then creates GRC bindings off of that information. This
actually sometimes works for not too complicated blocks (what’s relevant
are the io signatures and the make call).

An example:

tmp/gr-test % makexml dsp
Operating in directory .
GNU Radio module name identified: test
Warning: This is an experimental feature. Don’t expect any magic.
Searching for matching files in lib/:
Making GRC bindings for lib/…
Warning: Overwriting existing GRC file.

There’s also a couple of internal changes which were required to make
having two different versions (for 3.7-format and pre-3.7-format) easier
for me to maintain. I hope that didn’t introduce new bugs (but I
definitely squashed some, so I recommend updating).

As mentioned before, there currently are 2 incompatible versions of
gr-modtool. Grab whichever you like from:

If you’re just starting to use gr_modtool, I recommend the ‘format37’

Have fun,


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