Gr_modtool update -- 3.7 format

For those using gr_modtool, I got round to updating it to the upcoming
3.7 module format.

This comes with a couple of caveats, though (and one bonus), so read
this before grabbing the file:

  • The format in 3.7 is quite different from the previous one. Filenames
    follow different conventions, we have the ‘impl’ stuff (which is
    the main change) and there was another switch from Boost back to
    CppUnit for C++ QA code.
  • This means there are effectively two non-compatible versions of
    gr_modtool out there now. I don’t see a way to merge these without
    considerable effort, which I don’t want to invest.
  • So there’ll probably be two versions for a while.
  • Most importantly, you can’t use this version on modules with the
    pre-3.7 format.
  • 3.7 has not been released, and stuff still might change.
  • As usual, the script does not perform magic nor is it sentient. It
    assumes a certain structure of files and filenames and makes educated

That said, you can find it at
(the master branch will stay at the old format for a while).

What might be nice: now that the out-of-tree modules look like GNU Radio
components, gr_modtool works on those, too:

gnuradio/gr-digital [next●] % disable additive_scrambler Operating in directory . GNU Radio module name identified: digital Traversing lib... Really disable [Y/n/a/q]: Traversing include/digital... Really disable additive_scrambler_bb.h? [Y/n/a/q]: Traversing python... Traversing swig... Traversing grc... Careful: gr_modtool disable does not resolve dependencies.

In this example, additive_scrambler_bb has a unit test in
python/, which goes undetected. But that’s what the final
warning is there for :slight_smile:


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