Gr-modtool: Dual API version

Two more updates from the gr-modtool front:

== 3.7 API ==
The master branch of gr-modtool[1] now can handle both CMake-based API
versions (<= 3.6 and 3.7). It should automatically detect which version
you’re using and do the right thing. Given the amount of code added to
make that work, I won’t be guaranteeing a bug-free experience, though.

A couple of remarks:

  • ‘ newmod’ only uses the 3.7 API
  • If you want a version that only handles either 3.6 or 3.7, there’s the
    format36 and format37 branches (which will not be updated any more)

== Python blocks ==
Due to an increasing amount of grextras users, Python blocks (à la
grextras) are now supported.

$ gr_modtool add -l python -t sync dsp_ff

will add a Python (sync) block. Hier-blocks will work as before (so you
don’t need grextras for these), but instead of

$ gr_modtool add -t hierpython

you do

$ gr_modtool add -t hier -l python


[1] GitHub - mbr0wn/gr-modtool: Keeping this repo, for now, for archeaological purposes.

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