Gr-modtool and SWIG file line order

This seems to have been confusing everyone,

so here’s the answer:

== >= 3.7 ==
In the 3.7-style module structure (which uses the include/MODULENAME/
directory and omits the module prefix from the file names), the correct
order is:

%include “…”

This format is automatically chosen for new modules. We generally
recommend this format.

== Older Format ==
In the pre-3.7 format (without the impl-files, and with the *.h in
include/), the correct order is:

%include “…”

A major difference between the way modtool handles swigging in this
modules is that no *.i files are generated, but rather the *.h files are
included. If this doesn’t work, you’ll have to generate the *.i file by

If you’re using a current version of modtool, this should all work


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