Gr-lte errors


I downloaded the GNU RADIO LTE receiver code and followed the
instructions to install it, but unfortunately I couldn’t make it work.

In these four example files I get the following errors:

I’ve also tried with the python script,
with this output:

I’m using gnu-radio, and downloaded the LTE receiver code today,
so I guess it’s the latest version. Thanks!


The errors look like python can’t find the LTE module; have you made
sure you’ve installed that?

With best regards,
Marcus M.

Hi Marcus, thanks for your answer.

I’ve uninstalled the gr-lte code and installed it again, with same
results. When the code wasn’t installed, I couldn’t generate any of the
flow graphs, on the other hand, with the code installed I can generate
all the examples except that mentioned.

In the case of decode_pbch_37, if I connect the QPSK soft demode with
the pad sink, and change the Vec length of the last, I can generate it,
but maybe It makes no sense.



El 30/06/14 18:05, Marcus M. escribi:

Finally, I updated the gnu-radio, and following the instructions for
gr-lte again it worked. I had installed gnu-radio from sources, so I
just updated it with git. Thanks!


El 01/07/14 08:44, Gabriel Toln escribi:

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