Gr.file_source problem


I am trying to feed samples from a file to the LFTX daughter board.
They were recorded using (from usrp.source_c).
I cannot see any real signal from LFTX when I run my script,
but fftsink2.fft_sink_c produces the correct spectrum when samples
are fed from the same file.

Am I correct in my assumption that if I can see the signal at the output
when I try (i.e. device works) then I should also be
signal when I feed raw samples from gr.file_source (complex) to
Is there anything else to take care about except the usual settings
(PGA, mux, etc.) and sampling frequency that should be same as it was
during signal capture?


Piotr Swiatkiewicz wrote:

when I try (i.e. device works) then I should also be

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Hallo Peter,

I have generated some samples of a sinesoid from Matlab and want to
it to a binary file to the LFTX daughterboard. Can you tell me how i do
convert it?

Thanks a lot,


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