Gr.file_sink Issue

I looked everywhere for information pertaining to this question, but
nothing worked.

I am starting with a sample for recording information from my USRP
but I am running into issues with:

self.gr_file_sink = gr.file_sink(gr.sizeof_complex, “data.dat”)

When I try running it, I get:

AttributeError: ‘module’ object has no attribute ‘file_sink’

Where am I going wrong? Is this an issue with my installation, something
do with C++/Python configuration? I followed the instructions for setup
from Ettus (

I was having issues with WX on GNURadio-Companion (Windows), and I
get my network configured for Linux, so I resorted to a Python script in

Any help (including pointing me to reference pages or links) will be

Thank you.

Hi Paul,

if you’re using GR 3.7, the “standard” blocks have moved from the /gr/
module to the /blocks/ module.
If you’re using 3.6, further investigation is necessary.