Gr-drm for GNU Radio 3.7 available

Hi all,

I just want to make a quick announcement: gr-drm is now available for
Radio 3.7! Go and check it out under GitHub - kit-cel/gr-drm: DRM transmitter using GNU Radio!
also added a commit tag if you want to get the last version working with
3.6. All others just get the latest version from the ‘stable’ branch.

For those of you who did not hear of this project before: gr-drm is a
standard conformant software implementation of a DRM (Digital Radio
Mondiale) transmitter. DRM is a digital short-wave broadcasting standard
aimed at replacing existing analog technologies in the long run. With
project and a suitable HF front end (e.g. the USRP) you can set up your
DRM broadcast. Out of the box, you can either transmit an audio file of
your choice or even your own voice using the microphone input. However,
please keep your local spectrum regulations in mind before going on air

Decoding of the created signal is possible with any commercially
DRM receiver, but also with the open source tool DREAM which can be
downloaded at SourceForge.

Felix W.

Odd quirk I’ve noticed: JACK audio will not work, however WAV files
Tried streaming in WAV files from FFMPEG, but the WAV source wouldn’t
the shared pipe. Otherwise, ti works great. If you’re curious as to what
am doing, you can see my terrible flowgraph here:

Also, with WAV input, everything decodes great in Dream and SoDiRa. With
JACK input (Audio source), the MSC does not decode.