Gr-display-master install (was Re: Writing text to a QT GUI Window)

In the gr-display-master README file under “2. Installation” when it

What is meant by “”?
gnuradio gets installed across many directories, to which does this

Sorry for the noob question, I never had to use -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX
before just using gr_modtool for my own blocks, even copying between

On my system, when I sudo make install my own modules, it puts stuff

gr-display sounds like a great idea, and I am eager to try it out.

John M.
[email protected]

Hi John - is the top-evel PREFIX into
which GR is installed. In your case, this would be /usr/local, so you’d
cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr/local …
Hope this helps. - MLD

Asked around the linux’ers here and it is just the output of “which
On mine that was /usr/local/bin.

PS - this Text Sink takes a stream of chars as an input. So I take it
the rate at which a block of mine delivers the chars to the scheduler
to connect to this has to be a multiple of the existing output rate of
my block (guessing I can vectorize the chars coming out and use a
Vector to Stream to input them into the Text Sink?).

Saw the item below on the archive page (I get the digest).
And, yes, /usr/local is correct, /usr/local/bin builds but gets runtime
So many thanks MLD.
Now, the next time I get stuck doing this on some random system in the
future, how do I know what that directory location is for the gnuradio
It looks on the wiki like this is always /usr/local if you did not do
something to set a specific custom directory in the gnuradio install
process (by PyBombs or build-gnuradio or most of the other methods
that are described).
Is that the case?

Execute “gnuradio-config-info --prefix” to see the PREFIX into which GNU
Radio was installed.
The default PREFIX is /usr/local, yes. - MLD

If you install gnuradio without a CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX it goes to
/usr/local containing many subdirectories.
But in some use cases it may be necessary to install into a different
On your system the CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX is /usr/local

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