Gr-comedi deprecation

The gr-comedi component for GNU Radio provides sources and sinks that
interface with comedilib library, providing GNU Radio support for a
variety of industrial ADC boards. (See

This component was originally written three years ago by Stephane Fillod
to work with comedilib 0.7, and to his credit, has been essentially
unchanged since.

However, there have been changes to comedilib API in 0.8, which cause
gr-comedi to fail compilation.

As there is no maintainer for this component, and neither Eric nor I
have the hardware to test any changes anyway, we will be deprecating
this feature.

It will remain in the GNU Radio trunk version, but with a dependency
check such that it will only be compiled if comedilib = 0.7 is

It will not be part of the official release 3.2 tarball, nor will binary
installation packages be made for it.

If anyone is using this feature, please let us now.

Johnathan C.
Corgan Enterprises LLC

i have just work on comedi.
will you please help me in this matter. i am working with USB-DUXfast
data acquisition.

Johnathan C.-2 wrote:

gr-comedi to fail compilation.
installation packages be made for it.
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