Hi list,

I have two question regarding slicer_45deg(gr_complex sample) defined in

What is it, and why is it there? Does it have something to do with
bpsk/qpsk, similar to what has been implemented for the phase- detector
in gr_costas_loop_cc? I’m asking, because I can’t really see where it is
used. The only other place I could find it in was in gr_lms_dfe_cc,
which had it’s own implementation of the same function…

Best regards
//Mattias K.

Mattias K. wrote:

Best regards
//Mattias K.

Yes, it’s used for the phase rotation to slice on, depending on how you
want to slice a QPSK symbol. It’s not used right now, but it’s there in
case someone wants to change the slicing rotation.