Gr-cdma is ready

Dear all,

the OOT module gr-cdma that we have been working on with Zhe F. is now
ready (also fully documented). You can find it here:

An important acknowledgement:

this project grew out of the DARPA SPECTRUM CHALLENGE:
our team eventually dropped out of the race because of other time
commitments but I and Zhe decided to finish up the design and make it
publicly available since DARPA was generous enough to send us USRPs for
testing etc.

I am looking forward to feedback from the community and to ideas for
expanding/improving the design.

For the impatient:

  1. Download gr-cdma from github

git clone GitHub - anastas/gr-cdma: a cdma physical layer for Gnuradio

  1. Build the package

mkdir build_cdma
cd build_cdma
cmake -DENABLE_DOXYGEN=ON …/gr-cdma
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig

  1. compile hierarchical blocks and play with built in app

cd gr-cdma/apps
gnuradio-companion &
In the gnuradio-companion environment
– Load the hier block “amp_var_est_hier.grc”, “cdma_tx_hier.grc”,
“chopper_correlator1.grc”, “cdma_rx_hier.grc” and compile them
making sure to reload blocks after each compilation
– Load the application “cdma_txrx.grc” and have fun
Experiment with manual acq/tra, auto acq/tra, changing freq and
offset, SNR, etc
– If you have 2 USRPs load the cdma_tx.grc and cdma_rx.grc and enjoy
CDMA transmission. You can also use the cdma_tx.grc and cdma_rx.grc by
and reading to a fifo (first do > makefifo /tmp/cdma.fifo)


Hi Achillaes,
can you tell me where the documentation of all the
used in cdma_tx and cdma_rx are? I tried the cdma_trrx.grc and i got a
list with options to change freq and timing offset and eb/N0. But i
able to transmit and recieve packets or know how changing parameters in
menu is changing the output. I would like to look into the documentation
inidvidual blocks to understand better.

On Fri, Mar 7, 2014 at 3:44 AM, Achilleas A.