Hello all,

I’ve updated the gr-bluetooth [1] code to be compatible with GNU Radio
3.7. I’m trying to use it, but there’s a segmentation fault that I need
to figure out. Has anyone done anything with gr-bluetooth recently? Does
anyone know if the current version of the code is even functional with
GNU Radio 3.6? Were there changes in GNU Radio between 3.6 and 3.7 that
would cause this issue to appear? My specific issue is outlined below.

I have encountered a segmentation fault issue in the
gr::bluetooth::multi_block code (which all the other gr-bluetooth blocks
use) that did not appear while running the included QA code (though I’m
not sure how reliable the test code was). I’ve spent the past couple
days trying to track down with GDB what exactly is going wrong, so that
I can fix it (the code looks fine to me, nothing is standing out as a
big issue). From what I’ve gathered so far, it appears the issue is with
“gr_vector_void_star& out”, an input to multi_block::channel_samples().
I don’t have a lot of experience with debugging, so if anyone has any
suggestions about what to look for when tracking down segmentation
faults (my understanding is that
memory is being accessed which should not be accessed by the process), I
would appreciate them.


[1] GitHub - greatscottgadgets/gr-bluetooth: A Bluetooth receiver implementation for GNU Radio