Gr-baz for gr 3.7?

I was playing around with gr-baz in MacPorts just now, and it requires
the 3.6 API … anyone know if this has been updated to the 3.7 API?
Balint? I’m not going to add it to MacPorts just for GR 3.6 … - MLD

I was playing around with gr-fcdproplus < > in MacPorts just now, and it
requires Linux (e.g., uses “pthread_barrier_t” and “clock_gettime”) …
anyone know if there is another version which is more OS compatible? -

We ran into the clock_gettime issue for the bladerf library
implementation. We fixed it like this:

According to stackoverflow, the pthread_barrier_t is discussed here:

Hope this helps.


Wel, I could change the Cmake files to use the hidmac.c according to
the setup in gr-fcd, but I have no chance to test this.
gr-fcdproplus uses /proc/asound to find the correct sound device, if you
don’t provide a device string in the setup. If you provide a valid
device string ( usable for gnuradio audio source ), this directory will
not be used.

So what would be the correct device string for OSX ?

– Volker

Am 17.01.2014 16:45, schrieb Alexandru C.:

You can use “FUNcube Dongle V2.0” as audio device on Mac OS X.


Hi Michael,

That’s the only version; however, it is not gr-fcdproplus itself that
uses those functions but the HID API. The solution should be as simple
as changing

gr-fcdproplus / lib / hid / CMakeLists.txt

to use hidmac.c instead of hid.c - just like it’s done in gr-fcd



I’ll try this tomorrow.

– Volker
Am 17.01.2014 18:01, schrieb Alexandru C.:

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