2 items to note:

(1) GR-AUDIO-OSX is available from GR cvs repository (thanks Eric); I
will add it to the “checkout” script to make it generally available
to all. The current version works just fine, but is “no frills”; it
should bootstrap, configure, compile, and install in whatever “usual”
manner you use, but do note that it probably requires GNU’s LIBTOOL
v1.5.20 or newer (I’m pretty sure that v1.5.10 failed to compile
it). I checked it out and built it this morning from the repository
and everything is OK (for me).

The primary significant difference between this module and the other
audio modules is that it uses the default system device for input and
output, and the user needs to change this device for each use (via
the Sound preference pane in the System Preferences). In some future
version I will work on changing this to a more robust solution. In
the mean time, the “–audio-output” or “–audio-input” option for
most Python scripts (the second option when instantiating the audio
module) is used instead to specify the maximum number of channels to
(try to) use (as a string). See the “README_OSX” in the top
directory for more info.

I will be making internal changes to parts of GR-AUDIO-OSX as I find
time; they will make no significant difference in functionality
(might even reduce latency, if I do some of them correctly). I will
also add functionality for the user-default options file when I get a
chance. Right now defaults are 44.1 kHz sample rate and 2 channel
stereo input or output. For anyone who tries out this module, please
let me know if you have problems installing or using it, comments,
suggestions for changes, etc…

(2) the latest PORTAUDIO (V19 from svn as of May 2, revision 996)
contains updates for proper compilation (again) under OSX. I’ve
installed this version, and then gr-audio-portaudio compiled and
installed without issues. Looks like someone rewrote the
selector script, and it’s really slick (I guess to make use of the
new user-default options file). Audio definitely works using
PORTAUDIO on OSX! Good to have alternatives. While PORTAUDIO is
probably a more “thorough” implementation, GR-AUDIO-OSX has a -lot-
less latency (as one can hear if you do connect the default input
audio device to the default output audio device).