Gr-ais not decoding AIS data


I’ve just started poking around with gr-ais on a new Ubuntu 14.04
install. I grabbed it from GitHub - bistromath/gr-ais: Automatic Information System decoder for shipborne position reporting for the Gnuradio project and
it compiled fine, but when I feed it “ais.dat” from it doesn’t output
any AIS data:

:~$ ais_rx -s Downloads/ais.dat -r 256e3 -g 60
Using file source Downloads/ais.dat
Rate is 256000
Using Volk machine: sse4_2_64_orc

The data file looks good as the FFT and Waterfall plots in GRC clearly
show the recorded AIS data. Is this an issue with the transition to
gnuradio 3.7?


Strange. You have the correct settings. I’ll look into that now.

I’ve been operating gr-ais from a separate branch lately (the “msk”
branch), but it depends on some blocks which I haven’t gotten permission
contribute back upstream yet. Hopefully by GRCon I’ll have permission
can move them into master; the MSK sync blocks help a lot with AIS