GR 3.6.1 and OSX

What’s the current status of GR 3.6.1 on OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard)?

Will it install? I’ve been chasing my tail on dependencies for
two days. At one point I got it to build, but almost all of the
tests failed with dynamic library problems. I’ve attempted
to track down all of the dependencies and make sure they’re built with
x86_64 or universal, but having no luck.

The OSX build instructions on the wiki are woefully out-of-date
(for GR 3.3.0). The README that came with 3.6.1 says that
the dependency list was removed to avoid maintaining it in two
locations, and points to the build page on the wiki. The build
page on the wiki simply has a link that takes you back to the
3.6.1 README!

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

@(^.^)@ Ed

Hi Ed - GNU Radio 3.6.1 and the latest trunk will work with OSX 10.5,
10.6, and 10.7; possibly 10.4 though I haven’t tested that in a long
time. Dependencies are the key, and not an easy set to get installed
correctly no matter which path you take to get them (MacPorts, Fink,
Homebrew, by hand). Some day I’ll get around to updating the MacPorts
GR install; it’s a bit out of date. So, yes, this can be done; I use
MacPorts for the dependencies, and that works OK for everything except
Wx which has been off and on for years. Not sure what else I can say;
if you email me off list with more specific issues I’ll see what I can
do to help. Good luck! - MLD