Gqrx in MacPorts Updated

I’ve updated gqrx within MacPorts to the latest commits from this past
weekend, adding in the +portaudio variant; see also < >. If you use this port, I’d
love to hear from you as to if/how well it works. - MLD

Hi Ian - I’m responding back to the broad list because this seems to be
a common issue.

To get USRP support (via UHD), you currently have to use variants, e.g.,
+uhd. I use +full as my usual, to get everything that can be installed
with the port (do “port info gnuradio +full” or “port info gr-osmosdr
+full” to see what each will supply).

What do MacPorts users think: Should I make +full the default for those
ports, or should I leave them as is and force users to select which
variants they want installed?

BTW> I removed that WARNING from below last week. You can get the
update via:
sudo port selfupdate
and then I generally recommend doing:
sudo port upgrade outdated
to update all ports that have been version or revision bumped between
the last install and the current state. - MLD