Gps-usrp seg fault

I’m trying to setup gps-sdr to work with a USRP on Ubuntu, after
successfully making the contents of “~/gps-sdr/usrp”, ‘gps-usrp’ shows
up in the parent directory. When I try to execute ‘./gps-usrp’, I get a
segmentation fault, any suggestions?

Previous problems I had when attempting to run ‘make’ include ‘ffprintf’
not being valid, which I fixed thanks to another thread, as well as
updating fifo.h with the ResetSource prototype.



Let me clarify, I’ve narrowed the problem down to the switch statement
in gps-usrp.cpp:


where urx is assigned at the top of the function:

usrp_standard_rx *urx = usrp_standard_rx::make(0,8,1,-1,0,0,0).get();

Any suggestions?


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