GoogleHack Search


Hi Everyone,

One of the projects that I want to work on is a porting over of a
windows program I created called GoogleHack. I want to create a Ruby
version of the program and utilize TK/TCL or something similar so that
the GUI can be cross-compatible with other OS’s. Ruby makes up the
backbone so I figure it will be a good thing.

In order to figure out what I will need to accomplish this, I’m hoping
that someone or a few folks can test out the app as it is now and give
me an idea of what issues I might encounter porting this over to ruby.

Look at the help file for information on how to utilize the program. If
you have any questions you can ask me about them. I really want to know
the following things:

  1. What GUI (for cross compatibility) should I be using for this app to
    make it look similar? I would like to keep some ability of smoothness
    with graphics (GDI+ etc. or similar)

  2. Any particular ruby gems I will need to assist with a GUI app

  3. Any particular ruby gems I will need to assist with browsers?

Here is the download:

It’s a windows based application that I wrote with Autoit. It shouldn’t
have UPX compression so there shouldn’t be any false positives with AV
software when opening it.

The application has a lot of features but I’ll summarize them here:

Insert “any” known Google advanced search operator (listed or unlisted)
Save a list of commonly searched sites that you utilize a lot.
Save any number of custom built queries for use instantly.
Share custom built queries with anyone that uses GoogleHack.
Perform multi-tab searches with TinyGui.
Perform code search for code snippets with GoogleCode.

Here is my original post on autoit with screenshots of the application:

Here is the changelog for the app:



GoogleHack Version 1.1.0
– Changed the GUI size and the general layout to be more accomodating
to smaller resolutions. GUI size is now 700 x 587 (Original was 700 x
GoogleHack Version 1.2.0
– Added Preferences under the (File) menu.
– Added a Change Log under the (Help) menu.
– Added Display Tips for all inputs and buttons. (can be turned on or
– Fixed a clearing issue with the input boxes after saving a custom
GoogleHack Version 1.2.1
– Fixed clearing of sites during transition modes.
– Fixed clearing of operators during transition modes.
GoogleHack Version 1.2.2
Fixed exit functionality for those using the 64-bit version of autoit.
GoogleHack Version 2.0.0
– Revised and removed Form querying and added encoded URL/URI querying.
– Added an advanced options tab.
– Added functionality for querying by date.
– Added functionality for querying by language type.
– Added functionality for querying by region type.
– Added functionality for querying by usage rights.
– Added functionality for safe querying and removal of images.
– Added functionality for returning larger numbers of results.
– Removed ALLIN operators from the radio controls.
– Added functionality for ALLIN operators in advanced options.
– Removed IE objects from the application
– Added Browsers in preferences so you can change which browser you
want to use.
– All Browser settings are saved in preferences or the prefs.ini file.
GoogleHack Version 2.0.1
– Fixed visual spacing of operators after keywords on QueryBuilder.
– Fixed encoding on / slashes in the URI portions of the query.
– Performed a cleanup on preferences GUI.
GoogleHack Version 2.0.2
– Fixed visual removing of sites when removing them from the
GoogleHack Version 2.1.0
– Completely skinned the GUI.
– Added Buttons for all major controls
– Removed the Title bar and the Menu bar
– Packaged the GUI into an .exe distribution file.
– Included all buttons, images, and PSD files.
– Interface allows movable dragging.
GoogleHack Version 2.2.0
– Made considerable changes to the way custom queries works.
– Old Query formated files will be copied to oldQueries and converted
to the new format.
– Queries can now be inserted and all inputs modified. This allows the
ability to create default form queries with the all word and phrase
fields empty.
– (Custom Shared) Included a Music Finder query file (Music_Finder.qhf)
for finding MP3, WMA, OGG file formats. Just include your title in all
words or phrases.
– (Custom Shared) Included a Stock Quotes query file (Stock_Quotes.qhf)
for finding all stock quotes on Yahoo finance. Just include a stock
ticker, company name, or type of stock in all words or phrases.
GoogleHack Version 2.3.0
– Created a new Tiny GUI search box that can be pinned anywhere on the
– Click the pin button on the main gui to access the tiny gui.
– Click the unpin button to move the tiny gui and repin it to the area
by clicking the pin button.
– Pinned areas are stored in the ini preferences as x,y locations and
will be remembered, even after the app is closed.
– While in Tiny Gui mode, all boxes from the parent GUI (minus the all
words boxes) will be remembered. This gives you an additional ability to
used saved queries with the new tiny gui.
– The Default enter key while typing in the tiny gui is used as the
control trigger to submit a query. Queries submitted use the windows set
default browser.
– This allows you to open multiple tabs without opening a new browser
instance while in tiny gui mode.
GoogleHack Version 2.3.1
– Added a preference for “Use Default Browser” which will automatically
set the default search browser to your normally used default browser.
– Using default browser settings will enable just “one” browser when
searching and additional tabs will be opened in the one browser window.
– Added a GoogleHack.chm helpfile that is accessed by clicking the ( ?
) help button on the main GUI interface.
– The ( i ) information button will now take you to the advanced Google
search operators page.
GoogleHack Version 3.0.0
– Added GoogleCode, another segment to GoogleHack which allows you to
search for code within many different programming languages.
– Added GoogleCode button to the main GH interface.
– Added a clear button to the GoogleCode interface which will reset all
search parameters while in GCM (GoogleCode Mode).
– Updated Changelog
– Updated Helpfile
– Updated PSD files
– Updated image files
GoogleHack Version 3.1.0
– Added Stocks to the radio menu of GoogleHack which allows for
searching of ticker symbols.
– Added a minimize button to CodeSearch to minimize the interface.
– Updated tips for CodeSearch, TinySearch, and GoogleHack to display
correct information.