Google wave group

hi everybody… I don’t know if this is the better place for post it…but
I’ve created a wave for everybody wanna learn ruby…yes…google
wave…that piece of ---- than anybody know how take advantage…I think
it could be a good idea beacuse the wave provides util tools like color
syntax and a very nice translator, we could have fast answers and w
better order keep this forum (mailing list) for difficult questions and
not for newbies ask and allowing a better approach both…everybody is
invited…don’t care if speak english (so bad like me) or spanish,
italian…the wave has translator and we can understand us…if anyone
haven’t invitation please contact me to angel21ccs (hot redmond service)
or send me a private message to angel21os and I gladly send one…the
wave is “RUBY FOR NEWBIES…and pros”

Angel M. wrote:
I forget say u…in this wave could share codes and learning exercises
like project euler or other similar page related learning
language…either ask about syntax doubts and don’t bother for this here

if you wanna send me a private the post is here
click in my name