Google Wave: A new type of "Ruby Quiz"?

On 12/14/09, Rick DeNatale [email protected] wrote:

of the wave, since there really is only one copy.
social experiment to try to figure out what it really SHOULD be.
from memory, so there might be some variations from what I just said,
but the function is, or at least was, there).

I read a description of the design of network protocols once which
noted that simple, to-the-point, successful protocols are succeeded by
ornate, overcomplicated, overdesigned protocols. Examples: slip was
followed by ppp, bootp by dhcp, rip by ospf/bgp/isis. (Actually, I
like both dhcp and ppp myself, and consider them improvements on what
came before.)

Clearly the same is true of other areas of technology. Gmail was a
very successful (or at any rate, popular) service for google, so they
said, “Ok, good. Now let’s turn it up to 11.”