Google Summer of Code for Ruby

Hi Rubyists,

I know in the past that Ruby (Central?) has applied as a Google Summer
Code mentoring organization and been rejected (leading to Ruby Summer of

Is there any interest in applying again? I know Python does this, and is
able to obtain a number of GSoC slots that they can invest in various
projects which benefit the Python ecosystem. This eliminates the need
these projects to apply as mentoring organizations themselves (in which
case they would probably be rejected).

Is there any interest in applying for a Ruby mentoring organization this

Hi Tony,

I would be interested in such mentorship, but it would depend on the
If you could give me more information about the date, I could you give a
confident answer.

The deadline for a mentoring organization to apply is February 14 at
UTC. Note this is different from being a mentor: this would be
an organization for Ruby as a whole. That seems like something that
most likely need to be done via an organization like RubyCentral.

Hi, we talked on Twitter earlier this week about this topic.

Well, SciRuby is going to apply as a mentoring organization again this
year. You guys can find more about it on the following links:

Mailing list: Redirecting to Google Groups

We sure hope to be accepted again this year. :slight_smile:

Btw, do you think it’d be possible to have a Ruby mentoring organization
simultaneously with SciRuby and JRuby (possibly others)? It’d be great,
there are various small projects that could receive some care.

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