Google Summer of Code 2011

Google is running their “Summer of Code” program [1] again this year.
For those who aren’t familiar, Google basically pays post-secondary
students to work on open source projects for the summer.

Now that IronPython and IronRuby are community projects, I think it
would be worthwhile to for us to participate. In a chat with Miguel,
he suggested that we apply as a group (“IronLanguages”) representing
both languages and the DLR.

If there are no serious objections, I’m willing to submit the
application and handle the organization administrative tasks.

One of the things that is needed on the application is ideas for
projects. These don’t have to be fully fleshed out ideas; just
something to give Google an idea of what we would be working on.

You can view and edit the list (anyone can edit … don’t abuse it!)
at IronLanguages Ideas for GSoC 2011. I’ve added a few examples for IronPython to
get started. Ideas can also be sent to this mailing list and I’ll add
them to the list.

Prospective students, in particular, are encouraged to submit their
ideas ahead of time.

  • Jeff