Google Analytics code for Different Domains?

How to track the pages for different domains, i have 2
domains( and pointing to same
What modifications should i do in Environment.rb file, is it i need to
keep a condition?
i was using the code :

configuring google analytics

Rubaidh::GoogleAnalytics.tracker_id = ‘UA-5066152-1’
Rubaidh::GoogleAnalytics.domain_name = ‘
Rubaidh::GoogleAnalytics.environments = [‘production’]

Plz help me !!



Just spotted this on the list too. For the sake of completeness,
here’s the response I sent to the private email I got asking the same

I believe there’s a fork of the google analytics plugin which supports
multiple domains. Check out:

GitHub - albanpeignier/google_analytics: Automatically insert Google Analytics code into your pages

I haven’t thought of a clean way to merge it in that doesn’t break
backward compatibility yet, which is why I haven’t pulled the fork
back into master.


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