Goodies for Netvibes - Introduction

Hello all,

I would like to introduce my project gNetvibes, aka “Goodies for
It contain 3 main components :

  1. netvibes : api to access your data in ruby
  2. gnetvibes : Gnome/GTK+ application (as an icon in the notification
  3. uwa : Widget server (full compliant with Universal Widget

And some widgets for the uwa server (screenshots available on website) :

  • uwa_files : Remote file browser
  • uwa_hello : HelloWorld
  • uwa_sysload : System load graph
  • uwa_polaroid : RMagick gadget
  • uwa_syshd : System disk usage pie chart
  • uwa_download : Remote download widget (aria2 frontend)

All is available (doc, screenshots, gem) via rubyforge at :

This project is young and really open to ideas, patches, remarks…

Florent S.
[email protected]

More details available at netvibes forums :
Goodies for Netvibes - Introduction - Ruby - Ruby-Forum

Sorry, wrong url :
Exposition Widget Server