Good to deal with Controller and Action logic in RJS?

Anybody up to this question?

The question is, should we deal with Controller and Action logic in
the RJS
file? If so, is it quite “spaghetti-like”?

This is actually for the Agile Web book Shopping Cart example:

If the user clicks “Remove Item” and we do it the AJAX way,

what if we want to first show the cart’s content as

0 x Pragmatic Version Control         $0.00

and then highlight it to red and back to the background color
(flashing its

and then we will render the cart again so that the line will

Then we actually first have to decrement the quantity from 1 to 0,

then use the RJS file to draw the cart, and highlight the line
its color),

and then again in the RJS file, deal with the Action logic to remove
CartItem from Cart

(possible by calling a method in the StoreController class)

and then redraw the cart again?

This is somewhat spaghetti like… is it that in MVC 1, the Action
with view logic and it is better for AJAX, but for MVC 2, the Action
separate from the View, so AJAX will be done by going back and forth
Action to View and back to Action again? (could be several times back