Good online Ruby tutorial? (for learning basic Ruby syntax)

I’m a CakePHP developer looking to give Ruby on Rails a try. I’ve
never programmed in Ruby in before, so I need to learn enough of the
language to jump into Rails. Are there any good online books/tutorials/
guides that you recommend?

Also, what differences can I expect in Ruby on Rails compared to

Thanks for the recommendation… The tutorial is good

Check out the podcast for quick ruby tips!

Two tutorials I really like are both found at: There’s a
tutorial for Ruby and a tutorial for Rails. You won’t become a
12th-degree Rails Ninja by watching these, but you should have a pretty
good understanding of the foundation of Ruby and Rails.

I also like that he mentions the different command line tools that are
available for Ruby and how to use them.

Two must-have books in your collection are “Programming Ruby” and “Agile
Web D. with Rails”, both from The Pragmatic Programmers.

Hope that helps!

Nemo wrote:

Thanks for the recommendation… The tutorial is good

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