Gondor Library 0.1.1

The Gondor Library enables users of the Ruby language (on the MRI, JRuby
or IronRuby)
to quickly implement agents for all kinds of situations (for example
game AI, or
stock market modeling), while focusing on the task at hand, instead of
writing a
full agent simulation.

It is currently fully implemented in Ruby itself, with no outside

=Installation and Usage

gem install gondorlibrary

require “rubygems”
require “gondor”

braveheart = Gondor::AI:Entity.new(“William Wallace”)
braveheart.killed_english_men 100
braveheart.update_killed_english_men 50
puts braveheart.killed_english_men

Get the source:

svn checkout http://gondorlibrary.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/

Milestone 1 (Version 0.1.0) contains a very basic, but working Entity
system, featuring message sending, queues, and flexible entity creation.


  • Entity attributes, that can be changed over time, and can be
    arbitrarily defined at runtime (either at the first call, or
  • Simple message queuing and retrieval (nothing more implemented yet).

=The Near Future
GL will receive its own language (a DSL, I guess), to create rules and
messages for the entities, to make use as easy as possible.

= Online