Goldberg -- new release 0.1.3

Goldberg 0.1.3 has just been released. You can download it from

More information including installation instructions is available on
the Goldberg website:

Goldberg is a website development tool for Ruby on Rails that provides
user management, role-based security, site navigation via menus that
are dynamic depending on each user’s role, and content pages (a very
basic CMS).

This release adds support for layout selection. When generating a
Goldberg site, you have a choice of four layouts to use (three new,
plus the original Goldberg blue layout). You can easily switch between
layouts by re-running the generator.

Goldberg also now provides Suckerfish menus: dynamic menus that open
when the mouse hovers over them (even in MSIE). The three new layouts
all use Suckerfish menus.

This release also adds autodetection of controllers and their actions.
Goldberg uses Ruby’s introspection features to look for new controller
classes and their action methods. Then when you go to
“Controllers/Actions” in Setup you can see your newly-created
controllers and secure them into Goldberg.

Dave Nelson
urbanus at 240gl dot org