GnuRadio, VLF, Metal Detecting

Hi there, Im gls and I just registered. Sorry for my english.

Im thinking about a sort of linux laptop converted in a vlf metal
using GnuRadio and is internal soundcard connected to a coil/sensor and
necessary a preamp… Do you know of someone that have tried this
experiment? Can you help me with suggestion, link, code or whatever?

Thanks in advance, excuse me for the strange question. I hope to receive
help :slight_smile:


Check :

I Think most of these technologies can be exploited with USRP + [LFTX
MHz Transmitter & LFRX DC-30 MHz Receiver] daughterborads.


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Thanks Chris, and the idea of a coils array is great!

Thanks for the link Eng. Firas :slight_smile:

My idea is to generate 100 pulses at 6000 Hz per second for a duration
1/200 second (this values are not absolute and it should be easily
Betwenn pulses, the script have to “switch” from this “transmission
mode” to
“receive mode”, registering through an antenna + amplifier the presence
signal from the eddy current generated in the metal objects during the
If there is a “bouncing” signal, there is metal, if not, nothing to dig
A simple sound card in my opinion can manage this freqs.



every second from a gnuradio .py script 100 pulses its generated, this
signals from the aux line is first externally amplified, then
from a coil/antenna


100 times every second after every pulse the same script, from another
amplifier and coil/antenna connected to mic in line, analyze the
in search of a 6000 Hz “bounce”

What do you think? Can you help me with the base of the code for a quick
start? I’ll share my achievements

PS: Sorry for my english :smiley: