GnuRadio / Scientific Computing RHEL/CentOS Repository

As some of you may know getting gnuradio to run on CentOS / RHEL can be
tricky. I’ve long been creating RPMs for personal use, and I decided to
share the wealth. If I’m duplicating someone else’s efforts, let me know
and I’ll either take mine down to prevent dilution, or attempt to

Currently, I built the gnuradio 3.2.2 RPM that was in FC12 along with
the various pre-requisites. If you’re running a 5.4 machine and have
rpmforge enabled, you should be able to use my RPMs.

Also there is Octave 3.2.3, Octave Forge, Lyx, and Seamonkey 2.

I’ve not done a huge amount of testing, and there may be ways I should
improve the packaging so I’ll call the repository beta for now. I’ve
never set up a repo before, so things may not be perfect, but all of the
RPMs are at least available for manual download if something is hinky
with the yum process itself. I do have these RPMs on my primary
workstation, so I’m eating my own dogfood. Worth nothing, the binaries
are only in x86_64. If someone feels like making 32-bit rpms, let me

Alright, all that said, I threw it on a domain name I was sitting on,
it’s sort of cheesy, but it was available.

Any bug reports, requests, comments, suggestions, let me know.